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brainsatplay.js is an open-source framework for creating brain-responsive applications using modern web technologies. With this framework, we have developed The Brains@Play Platform to streamline the deployment of applications built by and for our community.

Why Brains@Play?#

Everyone has a brain. So why not develop applications accessible to all of them? The main benefits of brainsatplay.js include:

Device-Agnostic Data Acquisition#

Stream raw data over Bluetooth Low Energy or Serial. We currently support hardware from a variety of popular neurotechnology companies (e.g. OpenBCI, Muse, Neosensory, FreeEEG, HEGAlpha) and have documentation to rapidly add your device to this list.

Plug-and-Play Algorithms#

Derive useful information from brain data in real-time—all locally on your web browser!

  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), including bandpowers
  • Coherence
  • Blink Detection

Advanced Networking Capabilities#

Securely stream brain data over the internet to support social experiences and/or remote data collection.

Rapid App Development#

Worry less about the basics and focus on creating high-quality user experiences!

How to Contribute#

Build an Application#

Head over to Getting Started to learn how to build your first application with brainsatplay.js.

Expand the Ecosystem#

Explore Advanced Topics to begin extending the functionality of brainsatplay.js for other developers.

Claim BCI Bounties#

The USC Bridge Arts and Science Alliance has generously provided $2000 to fund "BCI Bounties" to solve hard problems in the neurotechnology space with Brains@Play. While we have yet to release this initiative, you can expect bounties on the following topics:

Each technical bounty must be accompanied by a demo applet showcasing the new feature.

Getting Started#

We're so excited to have you as part of the Brains@Play community! Head over to Setup to clone our Github repository and begin participating in the future of neurotechnology!

Explore the Reference#

Extensive references to the brainsatplay.js software library can be found on our Reference page.

Ask for Help#

If you have questions about developing with Brains@Play, feel free to start a conversation on Discord or reach out directly to our team at

Provide your Feedback#

To provide feedback on the documentation, create new issues at brainsatplay/brainatplay. If you have brainsatplay.js questions, or issues with the codebase, please open new issues at brainsatplay/brainatplay as well.